Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question About Obstasplash?

When it comes to fun we know that you’ll have some questions about our whole Obstasplash course, locations, safety, and what’s involved, including what you can expect. We hope that our FAQs have answered all of your questions, if not send us a message and we’ll reply promptly. Let’s get Obstasplashing!

How much is Obstasplash?

Pre-purchased tickets range from $35-$50. Tickets purchased on the day range from $50-$80 for 2.5 hours of unlimited fun.

How old do I need to be?
We don’t have an age restriction, we base your participation on being 130cm in height, average fitness, and good health. We find that Obstasplash is the ideal place to reclaim one’s youth.
What do I need to wear?

We require footwear to be worn, no jewellery, hoodies, anything that is a possible hazard we ask you to please leave at home. A lot of participants layer their clothes, wearing togs underneath their shirts and shorts. You can choose to dress up also.

How safe is Obstasplash?

Extremely safe! When you arrive on the day and head to registration, we will take you through a safety checklist in person and via a QR code on your phone. Additionally, on-site we have a qualified medic.

Can I book private events?

Unfortunately, no, due to the nature of the 5km course. Most people don’t have access to large masses of land. The best way to have fun on our Obstasplash inflatable courses is by liking our Facebook page, click on the link and pre-purchase your tickets, which makes sure that your spot is reserved on the day.